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On the island of Vis, there are two major places: Komiza and Vis, and many smaller villages and hamlets.

Komiža is situated at the foot of the Hum hill at the south-western side of the island of Vis, and that location is a reason Komiza is a fishermen’s townlet.

The town of Vis is situated on the northern coast of the island along a most fascinating bay of St.George, closed ring-like by a small Host islet.

On the site of the present day town of Vis, the Greeks from Siracuse founded their colony ( Issa ) in 4th century BC. It was the most prominent Greek settlement on the Eastern Adriatic coast. The Greek town was built on terraces sloping gently to the sea front and fortified by defensive walls, which are partially preserved to the present day and so are the termae from 1st.century BC and the remains of the walls and mosaics discovered in archeological excavations.

This places have a long fishing tradition so here you may also visit a piscatorial museum, and archaeological museum too. In the protected sea depths are hidden legends of sunken ships, whose beauties enjoy the submarine explorers.